List of all the fabrics we produce

We produce a wide range of curtain fabrics, and here is the list and some of the links of the curtain fabrics that we produce. 

  1. Blackout
  2. Micro Satin
  3. Poly Voile
  4. Linen Sheer
  5. Newyork
  6. Matka
  7. Velvet
  8. Calico
  9. Tusser
  10. Iris Sheer 
  11. Linen Sheer 110 Inches wider width fabric
  12. Whiteout
  13. Whiteout 108 Inches Width
  14. Super Satin
  15. Jute Texture Matty Fabric
  16. Matty 250 GSM Fabric
  17. Matty 210 GSM Fabric
  18. Matty White Fabric
  19. Matty 160 GSM Fabric
  20. Matty Fabric for bags
  21. Digital Printed Matty Fabric
  22. Foil Printed Linen Sheer Fabric
  23. Ambose/Emboss Blackout Curtain Fabric
  24. Curtain Lining Fabric
  25. 100% Blackout Lining Curtain Fabric
  26. Water Repellent Austria Fabric
  27. Water Repellent Spun Matty Fabric
  28. Spun Matty 300 GSM Fabric
  29. One Side Slub Poly Matty
  30. Full Dull Matty Fabric
  31. Tweed Linen Fabric
  32. Calico Linen Fabric
  33. Texture Curtain Fabric
  34. Digital/Sublimation Printed Polyester Fabrics
  35. Sheer Embroidered Fabric for Curtains
  36. Sheer Panel Embroidered Curtain Fabrics
  37. Panel Printed Customized Curtain Fabrics
  38. Sheer Stripe Curtain Fabric
  39. Glorious Fabric
  40. Full Dull Whiteout Fabric
  41. Full Dull Blackout Fabric

There is a constant production and sampling going on. There are more qualities as well for e.g. Sheer Stripe Curtain Fabric is a list of 16 Fabrics itself. 
So if you need something specific. Please feel free to send your details on +91-9978644192 (Raj Sukhdev).